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The New Year is a good time to review your backup plan. | scottbrosnan.com
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The New Year is a good time to review your backup plan.

The New Year always brings a abundance of resolutions we all try to keep during the next year. Why not start this year with a technology resolution? This year resolve to review, redesign, and test your current data backup plan.

I’ve heard it time and time again, “I lost all my pictures when my computer died”. It’s happened to almost everyone at least once.  Situations like this are completely preventable. Whether it’s your family photos or you business accounting data you can protect it from loss. Today’s backup options are even simpler than in years past. Online backups and backup appliances have replaced tapes and CD’s as options. Depending on the how much data you need to backup there are relatively inexpensive options, some even free.

How Online Backup Works: Online backups use a combination of local client software and cloudbased storage. The local client is a piece of software you install on your office/home computer. You can tell the software to what files/folder to monitor. Once this is installed and setup it takes your data (securely of course) and sends it to the provider’s data-center(s).  In most cases after the initial upload only the changes or new data are sent to be saved.

Getting started is easy, below are just two of the providers I like, both have rather inexpensive options to keep your data protected.

Dropbox is a FREE service for up to 2GB of data storage. While more of a file sharing application, it can easily be used for backup. Dropbox can sync file between your computers like your home and office computer. You can also access your files from their website and download them.  It also makes sharing files with friends or family member a breeze, you can invite people to shared folder as easy as sending them an email!

2GB seem a little cramped for your liking? Refer some friends and family member to Dropbox (they will need it anyway to access your shared files) and they’ll give you more FREE space. Up to a total of 8GB for FREE with referrals. They also have some paid options starting at $99/year for 50GB of space and $199/year for 100GB both with monthly pay-as-you-go options.

SOS Online Backup is a great provider and they approach backup from two angles, business users and home users.

SOS home user programs start and $79/year for up to 50GB of storage. The home user programs can backup up to five computers under one account.  With SOS you also have the ability to share your files with others  just like Dropbox. You can pick and chose files types to be backed up so it’s pretty customizable. Another nice feature is there Time Machine which allows you to restore specific versions of files, similar to Windows Shadow Copies.

Business users can start backing up their data for $120/year for 10GB and scale that all the way up to 200GB. Anything above the 2o0GB threshold and you will need to get a quote from their sales department. While limited to the number of computers the business package has unlimited versioning, continuous file backup (they backup as you change them), and enterprise compression to help reduce the length of time it takes to keep you backed up.

Family photos or your Quickbooks database it’s simple to keep your data backed up.

Need help setting up a backup or disaster recovery plan? Call me and we can setup an appointment to review your needs and get your data flowing to the cloud!


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