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Product Review: Samsung Focus | scottbrosnan.com
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Product Review

Product Review: Samsung Focus

One week ago I purchased the Samsung Focus from AT&T Wireless running Windows Phone 7. One week later and I am saying Blackberry, what’s that?

The size of the phone and screen are amazing. With a super AMOLED screen this phone is bright and picture quality is astonishing. I’ve had no trouble with visibility in daylight. The feel of the surface is super smooth, you can scroll with such a light touch. It’s also a welcomed change to be able to see web pages; the multi-touch zoom has saved me a lot of squinting.

When it comes to the OS it seems like Microsoft has finally made its Mobile OS something worth having. I’ve had other Windows phones and trust me this one is far superior. The phone starts and shuts down very quickly, from power on to making calls is less than 30 seconds and it takes about 12 seconds to shut it down. Microsoft’s home screen is pretty slick too, you can pin apps to it so all your most used or favorite apps are very accessible (very nice for light saber app fights!). There is built in Google mail/calendar support, though it only recognizes one calendar. If you do calendar sharing with some via Google you’re out of luck getting the shares on your device. Oh, can you say Office on your phone? I can! Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and even the ability to access Sharepoint 2010 server data. I’ve not tried Excel and PowerPoint but Word and OneNote I have. Some others have complained about application resume time being a little long. It’s not terrible but I can see need for improvement. Personally, I close apps when I’m done with them but if you’re the type to jump back and forth I can see why you would want a little better response. Copy and Paste, they’re coming later this month and it is sorely missed. Zune integration is nice and I have been able to port some of my Itunes music over and podcast support is already there no porting needed. There is even a “where’s my phone feature” that helps with mapping. Tie that into a Windows Live account and you can remotely lock, wipe, or ring your phone.

There are quite a few apps in the Windows Marketplace and it seems to be growing. I will say, this is one area I hope they grow quickly. I’m not interested in 99% of apps in the store like games and navigation but I see a need for some good chat apps *cough, google talk, cough*. My favorite apps so far: Chuck Norris facts, easily textable to teenage sons for lots of laughs and the Bedroom Intruder sound board, obviously.

While I’ve not touched on a tenth of the apps and what they can do, my experiences so far have me hooked. The mix of clarity, style, and screen size have sworn me off the fruity smartphone counter parts forever. Thank you Samsung and Microsoft for the first really useful Windows based phone.


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