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Microsoft extends it hand… | scottbrosnan.com
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Microsoft extends it hand…

A recent article over at winrumors.com highlights a meeting between Microsoft and a team of developers that were able to unlock the new Window Phone 7 operating system back in November thus allowing users to add homemade applications.

ChervronWP7 was the team that did it and instead of Microsoft sending a trove of lawyers crashing down with subpoenas they’ve asked them out to Redmond for a chat. While Microsoft assures us all that the code error that allowed the break will be fix in the forthcoming update for their phone platform they are still interested in hearing what ChevronWP7 had to say. The topics include allowing homebrew applications and protection for developers intellectual property. ChevronWP7 has agreed to remove their tool for unlocking Windows Phone in the meantime.

The update for Windows Phone 7 is rumored to release in February.


Source: http://www.winrumors.com/


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