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Spring is on its way are you prepared for thunderstorms, floods, or worse? | scottbrosnan.com
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Spring is on its way are you prepared for thunderstorms, floods, or worse?

That’s right, in just a few short weeks April showers will be upon us. With those shower comes lightening, thunder, floods, and sometimes a tornado two. So what does this have to do with computers? Everything. 

Storms create the perfect condition for data loss. Whether it’s a flood in your home office or a lightening strike to your home or even your neighbors home. All of this can endanger your photos, important documents, school work, and tax or accounting data stored on your computer. Ask yourself some simple questions and determine if your current backup plan is adequate.

  • Are you backing up all your data onto an external device?
  • Do you know what the health status is of that external device?
  • Do you keep a copy off-site in a secure location?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan stored off site with your backup?
  • Is your backup process automated?
  • Have you ever forgotten or missed a backup?
  • Have you tested and verified your backup works?

If you’re not sure or answered no to one or more of these questions, you’ve just identified the flaw in your backup and recovery plan. Face it, no one likes to think about disasters happening but we all know that sooner or later they happen.

Backups have gone the way of the cloud. That is to say you no longer need to have external backup drives, (heck some services will back those up too!), no need to schedule or manually run backup jobs. With a few clicks you could be on your way to backed up data that is split between two class 4 data centers (deep underground). Depending on how much data you have to backup prices can range from Free to $249.

Call me today to discuss your back and recovery needs! 815-986-8569


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